Nurmeveski Guest House is located in Pärnumaa region, Sauga county,
   Nurme village about 4 kilometres from Pärnu city limit towards Tallinn.
   The name of Nurmeveski Guest House originates from the old water
   mill that was built on the river in 1863. The remains of the mill are
   still visible on the river bank. The main building which is over 100
   years old was completely renovated in 2009. We want to offer our
   guests an opportunity to spend relaxing days in a beautiful and natural
   environment with versatile possibilities for different activities.
   We welcome groups and families as well as individual guests who seek
   peaceful and natural place to stay.

   In the Nurmeveski Guest House there are 8 guest rooms with places
   for 17 guests altogether. The Guest House was built in 1906 and
   completely renovated and modernized in 2009.
       - 4 twin rooms
       - 2 twin room with kitchenette
       - 2 quadruple room with kitchenette

   We offer our guests a beautiful and clean place to relax and enjoy the
   unique surrounding by the Sauga river.









Romantiline Rannatee


Nurmeveski, Nurme küla, Sauga vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia
+372 51 54 118, E-mail: