Nurmeveski Guest House is located right by the Tallinn - Pärnu highway
   121 kilometres from Tallinn. When arriving from Tallinn, turn left at the
   Nurme petrol station. You will see the Nurmeveski Guest House sign right
   after your turn.

   When coming from Pärnu, Nurme is only 4 kilometres away from The
   Pärnu city limit. Turn right after you have crossed the bridge over the
   Sauga river. You will find the Nurmeveski Guest House on your right hand
   side right after your turn.

    GPS 58°26'48''N 24°30'4''E









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Nurmeveski, Nurme küla, Sauga vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia
+372 51 54 118, E-mail: